Sunday, September 02, 2012

Hot Bluey

Here's those stewed peppers, in Hot Bluey. (A new La Creuzet pot I expect great things to come out of) The great deal at our local Farmers Market for these past few weeks has been the mixed bag of hot peppers for five bucks. Nothing too hot. There are long, pale Anaheims that look very much like the Italian frying peppers from my Pop Pop's backyard. Or like a pepper they sold outside Turkish shops in London, for that matter. But each of these long, pale green peppers has a different flavor and a different hotness.
Little red cherry peppers that roast up with so much sweetness and have such a nice texture to their roasted flesh. Ancient looking daubs of red with a dark smudge from the oven, really the most beautiful peppers of them all.

There are a few smaller, hotter peppers in the bag as well - last week, I was making a curry goat, so the chillis went into the curry. This week it's chicken soup and on Sunday we had the drumsticks, along with these smaller peppers, gently stewed until the hotness was subdued and the real flavor of the peppers was out front. A few potatoes and some kale - I love rough greens.

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