Monday, September 10, 2012

Bags are packed - we're booked and we're bound to go.

No big trip to the Farmers Market this week - Jane is out of town and we're heading out to visit family overseas this weekend.
      In the meantime I just made a run for chick pea flour from our local Indian grocer. They call it besan, I still haven't decided whether I call it farinata or socca. Chi chi beans certainly do have plenty of names!
With that and a bit of sopressata and cheese, along with a few pieces of fruit, I'll make some nice simple meals.

I'll also head in town at some point, to share a drink or so with friends. As much as my relationship with food has been changing, my relationship with alcohol has changed  - once upon a time I stopped in a bar more days than not. Over the years, I've slowed down - and as I've slowed down, my capacity has gone down. These days I have a few drinks, now and again - and the line where the booze makes me behave like an ass seems to grow ever closer. Scary! It may even be the line where I REALIZE that the booze is making me behave like an ass that is coming closer.


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