Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Now booking for the 2017 Farmers Market season in the Portland, Oregon area. 
Please contact danandjane@yahoo.com to secure dates and times.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Off into the sunset

We've returned to Oregon after a few years in Vermont, where I had the opportunity to meet, spend time in the mountains and make music with some wonderful people.

 Our adventures in Vermont were like the original "Star Trek" television series - a five year mission that got cancelled after three.

   Enjoying the neighborhood bars and restaurants here in Portland, getting caught up on some writing projects.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yon pure crystal fountains

It's summertime in Vermont...
 Brook trout are on the mountain streams
 Farmers markets are in season
And the deerflies are feasting...mostly on me.

Saturday, February 07, 2015


Dan Lange - that's me - a slide guitarist, singer, songwriter and arranger currently residing in the hills of southern Vermont.

I started out singing the Blues in my hometown, Philadelphia, Pa., where I was part of Shakey Lyman's band, "The Boogiemen".
    Throughout the nineteen eighties, I was also a regular performer on Philly's streets and subway concourses. During the latter part of the decade I was also involved with a PEW grant funded project to bring music, dance and poetry to K - 3 classrooms with Sandy Robins and her fine organization, Moonstone. We also performed t the Philadelphia Zoo and the Please touch Museum.

By the nineteen nineties, I was a founding member of "The Hired Guns Blues Band" which continues to play in the Philadelphia area.

In the spring of '93 I relocated to London, England, where I continued busking, playing street music in locations such as Camden Town and Covent Garden as well as at Tube stations. I also brought my developing slide guitar style to venues around the city, notably performing a three month residency at "Bunjies Folk Cellar".

By the twenty first century, my wife and I had relocated to the East Bay, near Berkeley, California. Here the opportunities for street music were excellent, with regular performances at the Cannery and other San Francisco landmarks on one side of the bay, and my active participation in the street life around  Berkeley 's Telegraph Avenue on the other. I was also regularly hired for the Solano Stroll and other special events by the City of Berkeley and fronted various versions of "The Dan Lange Band", which played venues around central California.

It was also during my years in California that I began to bring my music to Farmers Markets
 on both sides of the Bay. My musical taste and style proved to be a good fit with these venues,

 After our move to Portland, Oregon, Farmers Markets became more important as my preferred venues. Like the contemporary National resophonic instruments I favor, today's Farmers Market allow a renewed vision of old ideas.  My music feels at home surrounded by local produce and hand made art and artifacts,

Dan Lange | Please & Thank You
Join me as we continue to explore the connection between the land, communities, real food and live music here in the beautiful Vermont countryside.