Monday, June 29, 2009

This week at the Farmers Market

Haven't booked much this year - still a bit stiff getting around. But man I need to play for the people!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Headed down to the East Bay last month. NO Muffin this year - but we missed the Muffineers so much we had to make the trip. Played at the Starry Plough and the Missouri Lounge, caught the Happy Clams and the Cave Painters, Salem and many other favorites, saw my righteous friends, especially Joan and Jenny, Doug, and...well, it's a long list. Great to see everyone! Special thanks to Paul Pot (of the Clams) for the spiffy poster.

I have a few upcoming Farmers Markets, and my broadcasts online through Second Life.
Keeping my schedule a bit thinner while I adjust to getting around with a cane - and finding that there's PLENTY of music to keep me occupied right here in my studio. Getting music into an independant film was a GOOD shot in the arm when I needed it - "Mine" is the second one, I also have a piece in a film about Bay Area musical legend Girl George, "George and the Arizona Star".

Video from last Sunday's Second Life performance, courtesy Geoff Steuart.