Monday, October 08, 2007

Great times in the Northwest

Been having a ball, lately - recently played shows at the Mock Crest and at Cafe Marino, and broke new ground at the Hillsboro Farmers Market.

This week, on Wednesday night, I'll be playing a showcase at the Hawthorne Theater.

Still feeling pretty new to the area - headed east instead of west Saturday morning, wound up in Gresham instead of Hillsboro. Fortunately, I had Cymande playing in the background. Impossible to stress out while listening to Cymande.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Drivin' South...

Next Friday, Jane and I will be headed to Berkeley to visit our friends down there.

Heading down on short notice, so no shows have been booked, but I will be hitting the Starry Plough open mic on Tuesday the 18th - look for me there and at the Missouri Lounge on Wednesday night.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Portland Summer

Tuesday night was another great night at the Mock Crest tavern.

This North Portland bar was the first placed I played on arrival here a year ago; it's turning out to be a favorite. Folks who had heard me elsewhere have been tracking me down there; the place books some fantastic local Blues, and is the regular stomping grounds of Rollie Tussing .

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Playing on the porch

Visited Silver Falls this weekend and logged some "porch time" . Guitars just sound better on a porch.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Muffin again!

May was a month full of travel - visited Jane's family in Europe, spent a week in Philly with my bunch, and ended up at this year's Meadow Muffin.

A great time, spent visiting people I love. What could be better?

The Muffin this year, of course, was dedicated to the memory of Pat Quinn, and was full of his spirit. You could feel his wild grin beaming down on us!

It was particularly cool to hear Cap'n Mike Hudson and the Sea Kings on the bill, and to hang out with him again.

Now it's back home - the weather is finally warm ad sunny here in Portland, so Busking is happening, and I have a show at the Mock Crest this Sunday.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dan Lange on Youtube

Video courtesy Ed Critchlow

Slide Show

Take a look at this Slide Show of photographs by Jay Farbman - pics of my performance at Marino last evening;

Oh - and turn your speakers on if you've got 'em.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who am I?

Dan Lange
Singer and Slide guitarist.

Dan Lange moved to Portland in the summer of 2006, immediately following the release of "Streetwise”, his second CD.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dan has been playing and singing professionally since 1982, when he was a founding member of Shakey Lyman’s “Boogiemen”. He also fronted “The Hired Guns Blues Band” with Sonny Rhodes Protégé guitarist Tim Pikunas.

He hosted blues jams and open mic nights at Bacchanal on South Street, and the “Guns” were frequent guest hosts at the jam session at the Barbary when the Sonny Rhodes' Band was on the road. The “Guns” also hosted late-night jam sessions at the after-hours hot spot “The Palmer Social Club”.

During his years in Philly, Dan was also Musical Director for Moonstone – a non profit organization that brought music and poetry to the classrooms and children’s events including performances at the Philadelphia Zoo.

After working around the Delaware Valley and New Jersey for a few years, Dan packed up and moved to London, England, where he started to work primarily as a solo performer – and where he honed his Delta – influenced slide guitar style playing in pubs and busking on Chalk Farm Road in Camden Town, the Tube Stations, and at Covent Garden. He also played a 3 month residency at Bunjies Folk Cellar, hosted a series of open mic nights at the Queens Head Pub in Haringey and recorded a self-titled cassette–only release.

In the mid 90s, Dan returned to the USA with his wife, Jane, and settled (for 8 years) in the Bay Area of California, where he played a variety of venues, including Crafts Fairs, Farmers Markets, bars, taverns, clubs, cafe's, festivals, and the bustling Telegraph Avenue street scene. Dan played the Solano Stroll 3 times during his stay by the Bay.
He was also a frequent Guest Host at the Open Mic at the “Starry Plough”. While living in California, Dan recorded and released 2 CDs – “Please and Thank You” and “Streetwise”. He also fronted the “Dan Lange Band”, a Blues band which worked roadhouse bars in the surrounding Suburban areas.

Dan Lange is particularly proud of the performances he did with the organization Bread and Roses, bringing his music to halfway houses, shelters, rehabilitation centers, and the San Francisco Civic Center as part of Operation Homeless Connect.

Today, Dan is looking to establish himself as a fresh face on the Portland music scene, a city which has already welcomed him warmly – he opened the October meeting of the Cascade Blues Association, and guest hosted the Open Mic at Slabtown several times.

Friday, February 09, 2007

A double treat - new Diamond slides

Yesterday, I recieved 2 Diamond Ultimate guitar slides - blown glass made by artisans in the English West Midlands. I've been using these since meeting up with Ian Mcwee at a pub near Stafford several years ago.

These are replacements for the slide I broke at a Cascade Blues Association meeting - they fit right, sound great and they look great. Take a look at some of the Slides they have on offer;

This one is really lovely.

Monday, February 05, 2007

A great weekend in the East Bay

This weekend we went down to Berkeley to (finally) celebrate the release of my CD, "Streetwise", at the Starry Plough.

There were also performances by the ever-smartmouthed "Pickin Trix"
and the "Happy Clams" Guy Michel was in particularly good form.

A lot of dear friends I haven't seen since we left the East Bay were in attendance; it was good to see everyone.

Hopefully, we'll all be together again at this years Meadow Muffin.

On our way back to the Airport, we stopped in for an all too short visit with Cap'n Mike Hudson and Skiperette Yvette. Yvette was in the middle of preparing her fabulous Gumbo for their annual Super Bowl party.

Mike is a fine Blues Guitarist in his own right; and they are also the East Bay's source for the very best Seafood. (They sent me home with a basket of Crabs - I do meet the best people.)

Here's a link to their website; your portal to some of the best Salmon that can be got. Scroll down and you'll find information on Mike's CD releases and musical exploits.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Slabtown changes hands

From the day we arrived in Portland, scant months ago, SLABTOWN has been a welcome stop; I've been a frequent guest-host of their weekly open mic, and a regular at the bar.
Well, the joint has been sold, and the staff are losing their positions. It's to close and reopen, I don't know yet if they are even keeping the name.
Like all the best taverns, the warm character of the place was mostly due to the bartenders; particularly Amanda, Chloe and Alan, as cheering and friendly a crew as I've ever met. I wish them all the best luck, and hopefully, we'll be keeping in touch.