Tuesday, September 19, 2006


My newest release, 'Streetwise", is now available. It can be purchased and clips can be heard at CD Baby - here;



Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
A belated Welcome to Portland!!
I hope you are bringing your new CD to the CBA Meeting in October, I'd like to pick one up from you.

Terry L. Odor (BluesSlave)
Vice President
Cascade Blues Association

Dan Lange said...


I'm looking forward to playing for you guys.

Paul Danifo said...

Hey Dan,

Your CD made it to Philly and I just listened for the first time yesterday and it's impressive. Hope all is well in Portland.


D.F. Duck said...

Dan. Got your new CD. Very nice indead, thank you. Been meaning to get in touch about maybe doing a phone interview for a podcast.. but been having some software issues so it's being delayed.


Dan Lange said...

Sounds cool.

Keep me posted.