Sunday, September 10, 2006

First show at the Mock Crest Tavern

Played at the Mock Crest in North Portland tonight, and man, I had a ball.

Sunday evening crowd; playing for the regulars, and well-known Slide Guitarist Rollie Tussing showed up to welcome me to town.

I settled in behind the Mics and did my thing; played songs from the last CD, from the new one, and some old Delta Blues. The folks at the bar were appreciative; and the Mock will be a regular stop on my Portland route if I have anything to say about it.

An 11 minute cab ride from our loft in the Pearl. Convenient, and Jane enjoyed the food. ( I don't eat right before a show - makes me loggy.)

I'll be playing there again on Sunday, October 8th.

Hopefully, the first of many happy returns. There was even another old Philly boy there, Albert. Funny how at home That makes me feel.

Now I must head back into my box and play a little late night guitar.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
Good to see you're settling in to your new environment okay.
See you on the Big Road,

Dan Lange said...

Hey! Thanks, dude.

I dug the video of your performance in France.