Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Booth

I'm pleased to present these pictures of my new practice space; a Whisper Room isolation enclosure, 5' by 3.5'.

I can play and sing in here at all hours without fear of disturbing the neighbors - or waking Jane.


langegang said...

Love the booth, Bro! And that poster of the Clams & you - quite nifty! Sounds like you are keeping busy in the best way - playin' Blues for the nice folks. Yay!

Lots o' love from the East Coast!

- R. (the sister closer to the bottom of the food chain...)

Anonymous said...

That looks cool Dan.
How soundproof is it?
Was it hugely expensive?

Dan Lange said...

It's not COMPLETELY soundproof - but it does cut down what sounds like 80 percent of the noticable volume - which is more than enough for my purposes.

You can get doubly thick ones, but that makes them even more expensive - yes, I'm afraid it was a bit spendy - by my standards, at least.