Monday, October 22, 2012

The Hottest!

The rain is pouring down this morning, and there's a fragrance drifting around the house - bone and vegetable broth simmering  on the stovetop, a comforting smell.
But not all good food is comfort food - sometimes you have to walk the high wire, take the risk, taste the Andoillette - or better, in this case, the Diablo Burrito from Allan's Authentic Mexican, a favorite since we moved to this side of the hill. My fondness for Mexican food goes back to a trip to Colorado with Dad when I was 13,  and anywhere I've lived, I've sought out a local favorite - just like finding the best pizza, the best bagels (so long Kettleman's, you were great while you lasted), best curry - you get it, I'm sure you have your own list of indispensable restaurants. 

Allan's may have "locked" the all time top spot for Mexican food with the Diablo Burrito - stunt food for some, the folks at Allan's had me sign a release before they'd put in the order. I was just curious - it's made with the legendary Ghost Chili Pepper, and I like a spicy meal now and then. My enjoyment of chili peppers was there at the beginning - there were hot Italian peppers in Pop Pop's garden as well as sweet Italian frying peppers and those wonderful tomatoes. 

You can see the radioactive heat rising from the Diablo Burrito!
 In addition to the Ghost Chili's there were plenty of serrano peppers, which pack plenty of heat themselves,  within the soft tortilla wrapping. Strips of steak smothered in the hot flavors were absolutely delicious. The "competitive eating" angle would have had me eat the burrito in ten minutes or less - but I wanted to taste this one. I took my time and enjoyed each bite,  with sweat dripping from my face. A cold bottle of Dos Equis was - really - the only serious choice for a beverage.

Will I get the Diablo again? Ask me on a hot day in summer, when spicy food is most delicious. The menu at Allan's has a lot of excellent choices, so we will certainly be back well before summer though.

A little stunned and euphoric, but none the worse for wear.

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