Monday, February 05, 2007

A great weekend in the East Bay

This weekend we went down to Berkeley to (finally) celebrate the release of my CD, "Streetwise", at the Starry Plough.

There were also performances by the ever-smartmouthed "Pickin Trix"
and the "Happy Clams" Guy Michel was in particularly good form.

A lot of dear friends I haven't seen since we left the East Bay were in attendance; it was good to see everyone.

Hopefully, we'll all be together again at this years Meadow Muffin.

On our way back to the Airport, we stopped in for an all too short visit with Cap'n Mike Hudson and Skiperette Yvette. Yvette was in the middle of preparing her fabulous Gumbo for their annual Super Bowl party.

Mike is a fine Blues Guitarist in his own right; and they are also the East Bay's source for the very best Seafood. (They sent me home with a basket of Crabs - I do meet the best people.)

Here's a link to their website; your portal to some of the best Salmon that can be got. Scroll down and you'll find information on Mike's CD releases and musical exploits.


Captain Mike said...

Hi Dan,
thanks for the plug (-: Hope you enjoyed the crabs!
Our record is in the can, it's all done, except we need some art for the cover. Got some sound snippets on our myspace page at
Hope to see you guys soon,
Mike ~ ~ ~ <*)((((<><

Dan Lange said...

The crabs were delicious. Pierre loved them too - a friend you haven't met yet.