Monday, May 29, 2006

Muffin !

This weekend was "Meadow Muffin" XXXI.

There was a TON of great Music on hand.

Some good friends of mine were on the bill;

Smart-mouthed Country folk duo "The Picken Trix"

The ever lovely "Happy Clams"

One of my regular accomplices, "Doggie Jomo" held forth as did the legendary "Unreal Band" - featuring the Telegraph Santa himself, my buddy Pat Quinn, on Bass.

I opened the show on Friday afternoon, and then played my main set set at 8:pm on Saturday night, after a series of kickass Bluegrass acts. I was followed by "the BBC",
a Beatles Tribute band.

Awesome party. A great bunch of people camped out in a field - what more could you want?

Oh yea - cool T-Shirt, too.

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KP said...

yeh dat is a cool shirt