Monday, October 23, 2006

Sad News

On Friday, Oct 21 at 6:15pm, Pat Quinn of the Unreal Band died of liver failure.

Pat has been mentioned on this Blog several times; he was a musical cohort, Telegraph Avenue's Santa Claus, and a very dear friend.

He will be sorely missed.


langegang said...

Danny, I am so sorry. Pat was so friendly to us when we were in CA, and it was obvious that he thought the world of you. I'm thinking about you, bro...

b.0.b said...

Sorry about your loss cuz. I was just poppin in to say HOWDY! Check out my new blog, its got pics of the kids & some new stuff! Miss you guys!

Luv ya's,


Anonymous said...

Dang. I've known "Irish" since college days back in Pennsylvania. I had no idea. Dang.
He preceded me to Berkeley and was helpful and kind when I arrived in 1978. He was a great guy.