Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Playing at the Melody Ballroom, October 2006; Photo courtesy Ted Carpena.


Dawn G. Crist said...

Hey Dan,

Got your letter. Nice site! When I read that you play slide guitar, I almost fell off my chair, laughing! Of course, I was not laughing at the prospect of you playing slide guitar, but at something you used to say, when we were still working in the mines, at Robins Books: You used to say that in order to learn slide guitar, you'd have to lock yourself in a closet until you became good enough to actually let anyone hear you! And now I see that you actually DO have a closet. I LOVE it! I have a CD at CDBaby, too. Take care and keep playing!


langegang said...

Truth is, I started playing Slide shortly after I moved to London.

I'd spend any free, sunny day in Abney Park - one of my favorite places - playing my old Gibson. I about 3 months, I was booking shows almost exclusively as a Slide player.