Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sitting on the Hogline

 That's Hogline fishing, on the Willamette not far from our Beaverton home. A chummy bunch, with several generations of one area family distributed in boats around the hog line known as "The Welfare Line".

Saw the Patriarch of the river clan lose a salmon to a sea lion - who nabbed it right off of the line and ate his prize in plain sight of us, clearly gloating. Caught the first salmon of my life, having angled for trout  on the Pennypack prepared me for the theory but in practice, the first fish I reeled in was a whole other thing. A large native fish, without the notch that shows a hatchery fish.  Steve, that's my neighbor, quickly returns the shining flash of fish to the river. Steve has been bringing me out on his boat lately.I'm liking the new neighborhood.
Some hours later, I reeled in the tasty looking Chinook seen here. The first fillets were eaten with a bottle of Crement - bubbly to celebrate my first salmon.

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