Friday, May 20, 2005

More Rain!

It's been a wet week, and that's trimmed my opportunities to play.

Yesterday, I was booked at the Cannery. It was a heavy mist, not quite rain, here in the East Bay. But when I looked to the west, I could see a beautiful smear of blue beyond the Golden Gate.

By the time I got to the City, of course, the blue was gone. A steady drizzle was falling.

I played in the rain (under a cafe umbrella) to make back my train fare, had a lovely chat with a Yorkshireman and enjoyed a free Crepe (Ham and Cheese).

Even the bad days have their good points.


cmarquand said...

Hey Dan, thanks for your interest in playing. I was just trying to reply to you and ended up doing this blog. I didn't find an easy way to hear your music on your site, I'll have to search it more. I need to figure out how to send you a personal e-mail too, this is the beatboxer by the way.

kwame49asha said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

tabb said...

Thanks for doing this blog. I just moved to Florida and its nice to have a reminder of home. I'm listening to glass socket right now. Hope everything is well with you.